Looking for new worship songs for your kids ministry, camp, VBS, school or home?  

Get your kids fully engaged in worship with the "Let It Out!" media pack!

Activate kids in worship with this media pack based on the award winning kids worship album "Let It Out!" Includes 20 songtrack videos, 5 action lessons, chord charts and a bonus download of "Let It Out!".  

Are you looking for quality kids music? I was too...

I led worship for many years at a kids camp and found it hard to find worship music for kids that was modern, had lyrics they could understand and engaged them with the kind of enthusiam and energy they had when they sung mainstream pop songs. 

I looked around the internet and Christian bookstores and surprisingly didn't find a lot of kids worship songs that would work well with the kids I was daily leading in worship.

I had never written a song for kids before, but I had written alot of others songs so started to write worship songs for the kids based on the bible lessons being taught and started using them at camp.

I was amazed at what I saw happen...

Week after week I saw hundreds of kids sing, dance, and worship God in their own fun, unique way. The cherry on top was that the staff and leaders ended up loving the songs too, some even more than some of their regular "adult" worship songs!

Once I saw kids singing out the lyrics and doing the actions while they were waiting for lunch, walking between activities and on their way to sleep, I knew I was on to something. 

Something is bound to get stuck in the hearts and minds of kids, why not make it worship music?

I've seen these songs and videos be effective tools to help kids engage in worship and I would like to offer them to you in a special pack for a special price.

I hope it blesses you, your family and your ministry.

Much love!

- Brad G 

What Is Included In the "Let It Out" Pack?

  •  10 Full SongTrack Videos ($50 value)
  • 10 Instrumental SongTrack Videos ($50 value)

  •  5 Action Videos ($10 value)
  • Chord Charts for all songs ($17 value)
  • Access to the Media Pack Sent Instantly to Your Inbox  

  •  Special Bonus: Digital Download of Covenant Award Winning Kids Album "Let It Out!" and performance tracks ($20 value) 
  • Online Access To View/Download Resources at Any Time 

Purchasing this pack also allows you to publicly and legally use all of the music and media in any private or public setting

Songtrack Videos

The songtrack singalong videos display the lyrics to each song phrase by phrase so kids can sing and worship with the video. There are instrumental versions of all videos included in case you want to have a live song leader sing along with the videos. You will have access to download and stream the videos at anyime and anywhere. These videos sell for $10 each on popular kids worship website. 


  • Praising God at all times (Praise the Lord)
  • God's never ending love (Riding A Wave)
  • The Fruit of the Spirit (Fruit Salad)
  • The Gospel Message (Biggest Part of My Life)

  • How We Can Express our Worship (Let It Out)
  • The Lord's Prayer (Jesus Prayer)
  • Loving and Serving God (Love the Lord)  

  • How God can do big miracles through little things (Little Things)
  • Passing on the goodness and love of God to others (Pass It On)
  • The family of God (We Are Family)

Action Videos 

Brad G walks you through all the actions to the songs line by line, giving kids and leaders time to learn the actions. After walking through the actions the song is sung in real time with the actions. These videos can be used to teach leaders the actions or drectly in worship with kids.

Chord Charts

Includes chord charts for all the songs so anyone can easily learn how to play along on piano or guitar. 

Special Bonus: Let It Out! Kids Worship Album Digital Download Covenant Award Winner for Children's Album of the Year

Enjoy the songs that started it all. Burn the songs onto a cd, put them on your phone, play them from your computer and enjoy them everywhere!

Warning: The song Fruit Salad may get stuck in your head for a few days!


"We’re enjoying using Brad’s album in our kids’ ministry! The words and messages are clear, the music is catchy and fun, the kids really respond to the songs…it’s a great resource for us. I highly recommend it!" – Ruth Crawford, Children’s Pastor, The Bridge Church

We use "Let It Out!" lyric videos for both our kids ministry on Sunday mornings as well as in our camp ministry to teach truths about God's character and to set a tone of worship for the day. We would recommend any kids ministry to either bring him in to lead for an event, or to use his songs to engage kids in a meaningful time of worship. - Adam Clarke, Children's Pastor, People’s Church

"Thank you for writing such good songs! We sang It's Like Riding A Wave for Journey Kids VBS all week!" - Starting Point Worship 

"My kids are going bananas over Brad’s worship music and action videos!” – Kellen Jones, Worship Pastor

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

For a limited time you get the whole pack of songtrack videos, action videos, chord charts, and music for $47 ($147 value). Contents are delivered online. After your purchse you will have instant access to all resources. If you prefer to have contents mailed to you on a USB, please choose the USB option!

And, there’s absolutely no risk. The pack includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

Purchase the Let It Out Video Pack today, and if you find it doesn't connect with kids or wasn't worth the money for you, simply let us know during the first 30 days, and we'll refund your entire purchase.